Minislingers Now Updated

We have now finished the migration of Minislingers to the new website. Now that Minislingers has been added, we are now adding new pages starting with a short story featuring Robert Van Helsing taking on a legendary vampire!

Webcomics Updated

We have finished the process of posting all pages from El Bovine Muerte, Inspiratu and Our Lives In Quarantine to our new site. Minislingers is still under construction.

Under Construction

I hate it when websites state they are under construction but unfortunately ours currently is. We were told earlier this week that the technology we have relied on to make this site is no longer being supported. Because of this we have to manually rebuild every page that makes up the Darkslinger site. This will be time consuming but the site shouldn’t lose complete functionality during the process. You may notice that some pages have a new appearance (that may change several times over the coming weeks as we fine tune everything) while other pages maintain the classic look. That is because we will be keeping the classic versions of our pages active until we have finalized the new versions. If you experience any issues with the new site, please let us know.